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Site UPDATE - 1/4/2018

Happy New Year!!

I apologize for not getting the site updated as regularly as I should.  It has been a busy fall/winter as I have been doing some great shoots to expand my portfolio!  See the newest pages up above!!

I am getting ready for the 2018 arts festival season but I don't have any dates booked yet.  As soon as I have them set, I will add them below.  See you at the show!!!


Website Email Issues

To all of my great customers and fans - It has been brought to my attention that the email form at the bottom of my various pages is not working correctly!!! If you have contacted me via that form and have not received a response, I deeply apologize!

I am working on moving my website to a better hosting service where I can customize the content better.  In the mean time, please contact me directly via my email -

Thank you!  And again, I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope that you continue to do business with me!

About Us


I am an avid semi-pro photographer.  I've been shooting since I was 17 and it has been a lifelong passion.  What you see here is the culmination of my life experiences, captured on film.


I gain inspiration from the world around me.  The beauty of nature, the excitement of machines, the inertia of everyday life - all of these are my subjects and I try to capture them in every way that I can.

It is my goal and my dream to have my work exhibited in public places or in the homes of my clients!


I do what I do in an effort to capture the beauty of the world and to stir emotion in those who view my work.  

All of the photos that you see here are available for purchase.  Most are available in prints as large as 24" x 36".  All are available as at least 8" x 10".  If you like what you see, please contact me and I will quote prices.

I can create themed sets too, based on a particular subject of interest.  Of course, the more of my work that is purchased, the better the pricing!

What's with the name?

Why "Twisted Aperture"?

The name comes from a play on the word aperture.  Most photographers know that aperture refers to the amount of light that a lens will let through to the film/sensor of a camera.  When I first started out as a very amateur photographer, I struggled to understand how aperture, shutter speed, ISO and all of the other settings worked together.  As a result, I would screw up - or twist - my settings around, taking very bad photos as I went.  I eventually figured it all out and what you see here are the results.

There is also another more obscure definition of aperture that refers to the inclination of two lines that meet in a point.  So what happens to the two lines when they meet? 


Proud Navy Veteran

Dave served honorably in the Navy for over 13 years before being medically discharged for a service-related injury.


He received his first camera, a Minolta X-370, as a high school graduation present from his sisters when he was 17.  Since then, he has been all over the world and his cameras have gone with him everywhere!

Giving Back To The Community

Being a partially disabled veteran, Dave has dedicated this site and his business to raising support for the Wounded Warrior Project.  10% of all sales will be donated to this cause to support those who have served our great nation!


Michigan will *always* be home!

I spent two weeks in Michigan, where I grew up, over the holidays.  I always feel recharged and refreshed after a visit with my family.  I may live in Georgia now, but Michigan will always be home!!

Wings Over North Georgia

I have been behind in updating the site and showing my latest work.  In October, I took a weekend trip to Rome, Georgia for the annual Wings Over North Georgia airshow!  The featured attraction was my favorite team, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels!  I served several times in Pensacola - their home base - during my time in the Navy so I have taken many shots of them over the years.  See the best photos in my new pages above!


Poster Sized Prints

Up to 24" x 36"


Frame not included

Please see our pricing page for current prices

Other Items

Canvas prints, mugs, notepads and more!


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